A New Podcast for Small Businesses

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve just launched a new Small Business podcast called Candid Conversations with my friend and business partner, Sagan Morrow.

This new podcast is a joint venture that brings in a wide-range of small business owners from Winnipeg and around the country, to talk about the successes and failures that is the entrepreneurship. This interview-style podcast will run every third Wednesday and launches on April 5, 2017. We’ve already secured our first sponsor and looking for additional sponsorships to support our endeavour.

We already have 10 episodes planned with 10 uniquely qualified individuals ready to join us on the podcast. If you’re interested in joining the panel discussion, then be sure to to sign up on our Small Business Guest page.

Not only do we talk about Small Business and Entrepreneurship, but we also bring in Communications and Marketing Specialists to discuss the ins and outs of moving the needle for organizations and corporations alike. While the day-to-day may be different for some, the tactics used could apply to any business owner and new business startup.

Be sure to check out podcast on April 5, 2017 and subscribe to our, what we hope will be, helpful Small Business Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and more.

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