I’m a digital marketer and data analyst with more than five years of agency experience. After working with high-profile, Canadian branches of globalized companies (including Monsanto Canada, Cargill Canada, and Cabela’s Canada) and even designing an award-winning social media strategy (the Monsanto #WeedID and @WeedMgmt Twitter Strategy), I’ve decided to bring my industry knowledge and insight to small business owners and bloggers alike by starting my own training and consulting business.

Using my background of working for large corporations, my expertise lies within marketing and campaign analysis (using Google Analytics) which has attracted and maintain loyal customers and brand ambassadors for all of my clients. Since every business is different and has its own unique vision and needs, I focus on personalized packages to meet the specific needs of your particular brand.

My business is built on the premise that without a thorough data analysis, you can only speculate and make assumptions about what your customers want. Rather than just optimizing your content for search engines purposes, I will analyze at all of your marketing data in order to provide you with big-picture strategies in order to make a long-term impact for your brand.

I am dedicated to, and passionate about, helping small businesses thrive. I want to help everyone build their brand and understand exactly what your customer wants and needs. I’m available for data analysis work and digital marketing consulting for businesses of all kinds.