A New Podcast for Small Businesses

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve just launched a new Small Business podcast called Candid Conversations with my friend and business partner, Sagan Morrow.

This new podcast is a joint venture that brings in a wide-range of small business owners from Winnipeg and around the country, to talk about the successes and failures that is the entrepreneurship. This interview-style podcast will run every third Wednesday and launches on April 5, 2017. We’ve already secured our first sponsor and looking for additional sponsorships to support our endeavour.

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Alcohol & Analytics: Google Analytics Webinar

If you’ve ever had questions about Google Analytics, now is the time to start collecting them. In a collaboration with Sagan Morrow of SaganMorrow.com, we will be bringing an all-new, one of a kind video web series / series of webinars titled “Alcohol and Analytics.” This video series will be tailored to any questions you, the audience member, may have on Google Analytics.

Questions About Google Analytics?

I’ve seen a wide-variety of questions being asked, such as “What is a Bounce Rate?” or “How To Measure Blog Readership?” There are no silly questions, so start collecting your questions, pick your favorite choice of alcohol (or soda pop), and join us for our first collaborative Q&A series.

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