How to Automatically Turn Intercom On or Off During Office Hours

If you’re not overly familiar with Intercom Aquire, it’s a handy online chat system that allows you to talk directly to your customers and web visitors to help them along their sales journey. It’s a paid-for service, but worth it if you have an online business.

One of the flaws Intercom Aquire has (in my opinion) is that there is no custom setting for office hours. Having Intercom on all the time can help capture new leads, sure, but if your consumers are older in demographic, chatting with nobody in the evening can create frustration with your brand (and even more so if they’re frustrated already). Therefore, this guide was created to help turn Intercom Aquire on or off during your office hours automatically using Google Tag Manager.

Housekeeping Items

Before I get started, I want note that I’ve modified Kathleen Harvey’s code found on the article “Fire Google Analytics on your own Terms” and applied a Daylight Savings Time test thanks to Stack Overflow.

On with the guide. You’re going to need…

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