Five Tips To Reset Your Busy Life

Calvin and Hobbes - Lazy Days

Just a few weeks ago, I decided to drastically change my career path. I left one of the best advertising agencies in the city to focus on my dream of self-employment. The agency world, I found, runs in hyper drive where deadlines were always yesterday. Going from 20 active projects and back-to-back meetings to...


Google Analytics Magic Script + New Spreadsheets

Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on Reviews

  Download Google Analytics (Magic Script) .txt   If you’re like me, you love(d) using Nick Mihailovski’s Google Analytics Report Automation (Magic Script) for automating your data pulls from Google Analytics. As of April, Google just launched an Add-On’s feature which includes an awesome, upgraded version of Nick’s Google Analytics magic script. The only...


Dark Souls II Review: Groundhog Day of Death


The Synopsis If Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus were mashed together with a sprinkle of MMO, you’d get Dark Souls II. The Intro I haven’t picked up a new game in a long time since Playstation Plus started handing out free games almost two years ago....


6 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Twitter Account

Twitter Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! One of my favourite things to do during spring (aside from eating spring-like food) is spring cleaning. Over time, you begin to collect things that you thought might have been interesting or useful only to find out that it sat in the basement and forgotten about. Never...


The 1:1 Customer Relationship

ExactTarget Social Media Command Centre

I recently attended the ExactTarget conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a lot of fun and full of useful knowledge. They understand the shift, and therefore are offering a product that helps make things easier and automated. This blog post isn’t about ExactTarget; it’s about knowing your audience, and talking...


Changing Your Sir-Name

Hello My Name Is

Equality. It’s a very broad stroke. For myself, it means that everyone is equal regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities—anything. It’s a goal that I firmly believe in, and I believe that the world would be a much better place if all people were treated as equals.  ...


Studying for the Google Analytics IQ Exam

Delete Cookies Cookie Monstor Google Analytics IQ Exam

I want to say that I successfully completed my Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam this week. It was a long time coming, I just never seem to have found time until one day I said “Let’s do it.” There’s a lot of study material out there regarding the Google Analytics...


New MySpace Opens Up

New MySpace

The “new” MySpace opened up today to the public. Funny enough, I’ve been anticipating this news for a long while. Ever since Justin Timberlake announced the redesign back in late September. I was never one for MySpace – it didn’t appeal to me and the design of the profile pages...


2013 – Year of the Google Plus

Google Plus

I’m calling it right now, 2013 will be the year of Google Plus. Sure, you’re probably laughing at me, but I’m sticking by this and this blog post will convince you otherwise. Social Media: Not a Buzzword First of all, social media should no longer be a buzzword in your...